Welcome to Emotional Bitch!

Let me tell you a bit about me. Not too long ago, I was a news correspondent, and I could say I was quite successful but very unhappy. With my career on the rise, I managed to mask deep pain for many years. Until one day I could hide it any longer.

While in my job, I interviewed hundreds of women, and I realized I was not the only one. So I sailed in a two-year journey, and after in-depth research, I came across information that taught how to be in control of my emotions.

After I learned how to control them, I managed, I promise you, to build my dream life. So I wanted to share this insight with you, so you can as well, build your dream life. After writing my book, I launched this platform, as I want you to feel understood, and know that what you are going throw right now, well other women are too, you are not alone.

Expressing what we feel shouldn't classify us as emotional, sensitive or bitchy.